Stained-glass windows,
mosaics, enamels

Services of creating of individual projects works in the technique of “hot enamel”, mosaics and stained glass.

In our center you can order any serveries if you wish. «Emalis» trust not only private commissions, but also the government. 

Orders are done by Alexander Karikh:

  • Book “Honorary citizens of the city of Moscow”
  • Honorary sign “For Service to Culture”
  • Emblem of the city of Moscow in the technique of “hot enamel” on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow
  • Sets of medals for the Championship in table tennis world
  • Stained glass window for the administrative building of Yaroslavl Radio Fabric
  • Stained glass window for the rehabilitation hospital room «Avtotrance»
  • Stained glass window at the Theatre of Young Spectators, Yaroslavl
  • A monument is dedicated to the victims of wars and repression of the twentieth century (in the Chapel Museum of the History of Yaroslavl)
80 Поликлиника Автотранс 80
60 Крест с автором Карих Александр Андреевич Эмалис
Карих Александр Андреевич Эмалис мозаика 2
Музыка в храме Карих Александр Андреевич Эмалис
Карих Александр Андреевич Эмалис Крест

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