International creative center "Emalis"

  •  The international creative center „Emalis» was founded by the national artist Alexander Karikh in 1992 in Yaroslavl. He is the national artist, the President of Russian association of the Creativ-Kreis International. He is a devoted person, muralist, an innovator who devotes his life to art, preservation and revival of traditions, and who makes a significant contribution in the development of enamel art in Russia. During 11 years (2000 – 2011 years) he is at the head of the department of the union of artists of Russia.

    Since 1992 the center have taken parts in 76 exhibitions, 18 of  them are international- in Russia, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy,

    Spain, Luxembourg, France, Japan and China. In 1998 in Yaroslavl was opened the enameling creative house of artists. The center is equipped by classes, metal processing workshop, and muffle furnaces for firing enamels. Every year there are many exhibitions, seminars, symposium with artists from Russia and other countries.

    In 2005 Alexander Karikh with his “Emalis” was invited with his enamel collection of the leader artists of Russia in Moscow Kreml in the Administration Building of the Russian President V. Putin.

    In 2011 «Emalis» got financial support from President of Russia for development of the center. He opened the only museum of the enamel art in Russia.

    In 2016 it was opened the Art gallery.


  • Beautiful… expensive… always…

    Enamel is always considers as a gem and it has its own beauty. That is why to have such work of art   from hot enamel is very prestigious. It underlines the nice artistic taste and high status of the owner of the work.

    Today it means that the enamel art has more than three thousand years of history. The oldest subjects with glass fusing metal for artistic purposes were found in Mycenae and on. Cyprus (15-14 in. BC. E.). Enamel was widely developed in Byzantium and China.

    Enamel is a fusion of glass with salts and oxides of various metals. The powder enamel is applied to the pretreated copper sheet, and then baked in a muffle furnace preheated to a temperature of 750-900 C °.

    You can get the whole range of color and tone density; it depends on what kind of the enamel do you use- from transparent to dense and from shiny and matte.The artist hasn’t opportunity to affect the interaction of the enamel, copper and high furnace temperature. He can only base on intuition, knowledge and experience, adjust the length and the firing temperature. These things form originality of each work from hot enamel. To repeat this work is almost impossible. That is why enamel is original and exists only in in a single copy. This kind of art is elitist. It combines the jeweler gem material with freedom of easel painting. The present of painting and pendent is a great and memorable gift and would be appreciated- beautiful… expensive… always…



  • Dear artists! 
    The international creative center „Emalis” and the national artist Alexander Karikh invite you to take part in the international practice seminar on the hot enamel in Yaroslavl, Russia.

    The group consists of 15 members, these are enamel-artists, who come for joint creative working, realization their projects and for these artists, who want to master their art of enamel “from scratch”. Full meal service: by yourself, there is a café near the center (lunch is about 4 Euro. for person). At the end of the seminar, one work is stayed in the collection of the museum of enamel art “Emalis”.  During the seminar will be held an exhibition and sale of works of all participants of the seminar in the art gallery “Emalis”. Each participant could bring their own 3-5 works for the exhibition. The sale of work could be optional. The fee for 10 days / 200 ЕUR / includes: – equipped workplace- the work of a large furnace / internal size firing 50x65cm / and small size, – metalworking workshop – consulting curator of the seminar (Alexander Karikh, the national artist of Russia) – the laboratory work. Materials (copper, enamel) can be brought with you or bought in our center during the seminar.

    Accommodation: the hostel not far from the center «Emalis» (10 minutes by foot) – 7 Euro./for day and night or in the new hostel in the center of our city – 7 Euro./for day and night (15 minutes from  the center «Emalis» by bus).

    ☎ For participation you need to register in advance by the phone /4852/ 24-00-18; +7 961 972 7555 or write E-mail.

  • 21.02.2017 в 13-00

    Мастер-класс по горячей эмали 21.02.2017 в 13-00.

    • Каждый участник получает возможность самостоятельно создать картину или кулон под руководством мастера и обжечь их в муфельной печи при температуре до 900°С.
    • В рамках проведения мастер – класса гости бесплатно посещают музей эмальерного искусства и узнают историю возникновения удивительной техники «горячая эмаль», знакомятся с произведениями ведущих художников России и Европы, познают технологию росписи красками на основе стекла по медной основе.
    • Тему создаваемого сюжета картины каждый задает исходя из своих предпочтений.
    • Для выполненной эмали подбирается дизайнерская рамка.
    • Мастер-класс является особенно ценным подарком для тех, кто не умеет или боится рисовать т.к. картины из горячей эмали не возможно испортить.
    • Приглашаем всех, кто хочет окунуться в искусство огнем рожденное и сделать подарки себе и своим близким!

       Мастер-класс не оставит никого равнодушным, мы гарантируем интересное общение и восторг от созданных шедевров! Берите с собой друзей, детей, родителей, соседей!
        Стоимость мастер-класса 800 рублей.
       Ждем вас 21.02.2017 в 13-00 в Международном Творческом Центре “Эмалис” по адресу: г. Ярославль, Тверицкая набережная, 15.
      ⏳ Мастер-класс продлится до 15-00.
      ☎ Необходима предварительная (обязательно) запись по телефонам /4852/ 24-00-18; +7 961 972 7555.

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    «Thank you very much Natalia for science! Teaching the beautiful is   the best thing in the world! Unexpected positive! Wonderful creative break from our busy visit program. Thank you very much.

    Thankful moscowers.

  • Alexander Shokhin

    «Thank you very much – Alexander, Natalia and Dmitry for creation and attraction!!! On behalf of friends – Alexander Shokhin

    Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, member of the Presidium of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation

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    «Thank you very much from English students from Oxford «London university»

    Thankful students.

  • Touroperators from Kazan and Saint-Petersburg

    Thank such wonderful people   – founders of such nice kind of art . Success, prosperity, more students. See you on your master-classes! Thank you for your warmth!!!»

    Touroperators from Kazan and Saint- Petersburg.

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    Thank you very much for such interesting excursion and preservation of traditions for our children»

    Club of travellers-Yaroslavl,
    Lobanov Denis.

  • Group from Spain, Bilbao

    Master – class is just joy. We were with the group; all are funny and glad, full of emotion. Thank you very much for your traveling in the childhood!

    Group from Spain, Bilbao.

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    «Thank you for your opportunity to make such miracle. What do you do is wonderful. I got many nice and positive emotions. Wonderful master-class. Thank you!»

    Tsareva Kristina,
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    «Thank you! Thank you for such miracle master-class! It is great! I wish you successful and talented pupils!»

    The Animation Creativity Center “Perspective”

  • From 6‑th classes of Lomonosov school, Moscow!!!

    «Moscow schoolchildren expressed their delight about all seen! It is very beautiful. We felt real masters! Thank all museum workers! It is amazing.»

    From 6‑th  classes of Lomonosov school, Moscow!!!

  • A member of the European Parliament, Brussel

    Thank you for purple beads. I like it very much!

    A member of the European Parliament, Brussel.
    (Comment after buying of souvenir products).

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    It’s great to take a brush and forget about everything. Thank you very much to feel yourself a master!

    Anna, Moscow,
    “World” TV channel.

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    Thank you for a good mood! Your master-class is amazing. We have uncovered a hidden abilities and opportunities. Thank you for cured a sore throat and flown away angina!

    “Mosfilm” film crew.

  • Tatyana Ivanovna Mutko

    It is pleasant and proud to understand that on our immense earth there are such remarkable workshops, with such surprising works and the most beautiful and inspiring craft. Thanks for the given joy!

    Tatyana Ivanovna Mutko


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