The international creative center „Emalis» is situated in the old city Yaroslavl on the riverbank Volga in the capital of «Golden Ring» – the ancient city Yaroslavl. We invite you to visit the only museum of enamel art with rich collection of works in Russia, which are created by the leader enamel artists from Russia and others countries. The initiative to create such museum belongs to two associates, – the national   artist of Russia Alexander Karikh and his wife Natalia Karikh. 

The collection is formed from 1992. In 1998 in Yaroslavl the first seminar on the hot enamel was held and the first exposition was opened. The decision to create the museum was made in 2010. In the course of its implementation the grant of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been received for museum equipment. The museum’s collection has works of artists from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Spain, Holland, Hungary and Japan.

The museum is opened for group and individual visiting.

Excursions and interactive programs

Individual visiting

 During our excursions our guests have the great opportunity to get to know about the beginning of the technique of “hot enamel, to see the pictures of the famous artists of Russia and others countries. After the excursions, you could take part in the interesting interactive program on the hot enamel. Every participant could make the work on your own and burn it in the stove at 900С°. If you wish, the enamel can be design in the frame, you can buy a souvenir and jewelry products, which are made in the technique of “hot enamel.”

Master class allows to have a rest from the main tour program by the familiarization with the history and architecture of our city and be tuned in to the creative wave that feel like an artist – enameller.

For each participant the master – class impresses you of such kind of art, which you can find only in Yaroslavl in the museum «Emalis». The guests feel themselves in good mood, and then create their own work of art of such rear technique, which you can see only in our international center «Emalis».   

Fee for museum visiting:
Ticket for grown-up – 200 rub.
Ticket for child until 18 years – 100 rub.

Audi guide – 50 rub.
Audi guide for children until 18 years – 50 rub.

The price for master-class on the enamel art – 800 rub.
The price of master-class includes: the museum visiting, excursion, master-class on the hot enamel.
Active time is about 2 hours.

The master-classes on the enamel art for visitors of our museum are held every day at 17-30 of the group from 6 persons. For participation in the master – class you need to register in advance by the phone or e-mail.
Photoreports  from master-classes   VK и   Facebook

Group visiting

  Wide parking for 10 tourists buses not far from museum (100 m.).
A large hall for 52 participants.
Visiting of museum includes:
Entrance ticket
Excursion along the museum
Master-class on the hot enamel

Design work in the design frame (guests choose the frame from different variants)

Purchase souvenirs of enamel by author price (pendants, bracelets, rings, works of art)

Target groups:
Pupils/students groups
Grown-up groups
Corporative groups
Individual groups
The whole families
Grown-up and children groups with  physically challenged

Age limit 5+Time for groups: 7 days a week from 8-00 till 21-00. By previous appointment
Group visiting for 1 guest:

1. Program with master-class on enamel painting.

Excursion + master class with the production pattern of each participant with enamel decoration work in a frame selected by guest – 800 rub.

When the number of groups at least 10 people, price 8000 rub. for group.  
Time with master-class is about 120 minutes
Price for frame 100 rub.

2. Program with master-class on creation of pendant:

Excursion + master-class by painting of pendant by each participant – 600 rub.

When the number of groups at least 10 people, price 6000 rub. for group.  
Time with master-class is about 60 minutes

3. Excursion along the museum:
Excursion+ showing the artistic enamel painting full-cycle technology with a master roasting in the oven on a single sample, with the participation of guests – 400 rub/person.When the number of groups at least 10 people, price 4000 rub. for group.  
Time with the showing of production is about 40 minutes.


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